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In-Person, Virtual, or a Blended Hybrid

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Creative Design & Production
  • Our Design Engineers provide 3D renderings that show how elements of your plan will be executed.
  • We define every detail & demonstrate how venue characteristics will be managed to ensure a remarkable experience for your guests.
  • We show sightlines, list technologies that will be used and where they will be placed, and show how fixtures & furnishings will be used to complement the experience.
Event Logistics & Project Management
  • Our experienced Project Managers understand the business and work with you to plan every aspect of your event.
  • We work with you and your team to ensure the venue you have selected understands your event strategy, the experience you are trying to create, and most importantly, their role in bringing it all to life.
  • We have a dedicated fleet of trucks and experienced logistics managers who work with all your partners to ensure everything you need to execute a remarkable event arrives on time and on budget.
Audio/Video Technology
  • Our engineering team has decades of experience providing consulting, event design, systems design, and installation support.
  • Our multi-million dollar inventory of modern AV technology allows us to provide everything you need to make your event remarkable, from digital signage, to projection screens, to audio engineering solutions.
  • We integrate every aspect of the technology solution to provide a seamless transition between what your guests see, hear, and feel as they experience your event.
Rigging, Lighting, & Staging
  • Our lighting engineers work collaboratively to bring your event to life using state-of-the-art lighting solutions.
  • We provide lighting designs that set the mood, create the right energy, and bring your event to life.
  • Our lighting solutions include:
    • Up Lights/Stage Lighting
    • Pinspots
    • GOBO's
    • LED Lighting & Light Shows
    • Computer Automated Light & Sound Integration
    • Digital Display Walls
Global Partner Network
  • Show Ready has a partner network reach across the United States and into Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.
  • We offer access to unique partners to supplement your event technology needs, including:
    • Catering
    • Furnishing & Staging
    • Printing
    • Marketing & Communications

We believe in keeping it personal.

We are fun, personable, creative and authentic. We understand that being remarkable means being intentional.  That’s why we follow a unique process designed to understand your purpose, your intention, and the importance of your message.  We are hands-on and we’ve always got your back.
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Who we are.

We are a boutique creative production & technology house.
We deliver remarkable live events that drive employee engagement, internal brand activation, team motivation and inspire results. We thrive when given the opportunity to bring venues to life by engaging the senses, setting the mood, and using creative event design to cultivate connections & inspire collaboration.
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