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Making it Personal: Creating an Event Experience Plan

Making it Personal: Creating an Event Experience Plan

We Are Corporate Event Planning Experts

Show Ready Technologies is globally recognized by businesses small and large for our leading corporate event planning, event production, engineering, and creative capabilities that turn a corporate communications vision or event idea into a professional, impactful experience for businesses and attendees alike.

Consider Show Ready Tech for your next live, virtual or hybrid corporate event, supported by our skilled team of event planners, event managers, event producers, and on-site crews and engineers. Whether you are planning a press event, sales meeting, or employee engagement event, Show Ready Tech can help coordinate every detail, create peace of mind, and help you reach your business and corporate communications goals.

Our corporate event planning team is ready to help you create an event solution that fits your budget and brings your vision to life.

Examples of Events We Have Supported:

Size and Scope of Our Events:

Our Proven Event Planning Process

Show Ready Technologies has been supporting live, virtual and hybrid corporate events for over 3 decades. We have the know-how to help plan and manage every critical detail of your next event: from setting the right mood with lighting, staging and branding to operating the audio/video technology, power and other event technology.

Our proven five-point event planning process helps to ensure your next event is remarkable:

1. Discover your purpose:

It starts with a one-on-one conversation with you. We listen to your goals, ideas, and message to clearly understand the essence of your corporate event and its purpose. We also understand budgets and how to keep productions on track and within your target spend.

2. Define the mood:

Do you know how to be remarkable? It begins and ends with how you feel and, most important, how your guests or audience feel! That's why we always intentionally define the mood to create a personalized event plan engaging all the senses to capture the essence of your event.

3. Imagine the environment:

Imagine the environment: Our creative team works with you and your team to imagine how images, sound, smells, and textures can be used to bring your event space to life – and engage your audience completely.

4. Deliver the design:

Deliver the design: Our designs highlight every event production detail from what technologies to use, what fixtures to place, what elements to select and more. We do what’s right to bring it all to life. On-time. On task. On budget.

5. Execute to Perfection:

Our Show Ready event planners and managers have decades of experience. We listen to you. We plan every detail. We partner with venues, other vendors and teams supporting your event. We do it right. No matter what it takes.

Exceptional Event Production Is What Makes a Good Event Plan Great

Perhaps you already have the start of an event plan and are looking to execute it with an experienced event production company? Show Ready Tech event producers can help you flesh out the essential production details that will transform your next corporate event into an experience that is exciting, on brand, on message and flawlessly executed—the kind of corporate event that creates a lasting impact. Show Ready’s event production team is ready to jump in with our event designers, on-site crews, audio/video engineers and more.

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Corporate Events Supported by a Global Partner Network

Show Ready has a partner network reaching across the United States and Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. We offer access to unique partners to supplement your event technology needs, including:

Event Planning +Production + Management + Technology = Be Show Ready for Your Next Corporate Event

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