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Full-Service Event & Video Production Design, Programming, Editing, Execution
If you’re looking for an event production partner to work closely with you and handle all of the numerous details involved with the event - We’ve Got Your Back. That includes every aspect of production including using the right technology best suited to your project and budget, coaching your presenters, editing videos, selecting music, designing a detailed Show Flow, directing the crew, managing rehearsals, operating the gear, calling the show, handling the venue and everything in between. If Full-Service doesn’t fit your needs, we’re accustomed to providing only the services you want.

Broadcast-style Webcasting

Broadcast-Style Webcasting & High-Quality Multi-Point Audio Video Conferencing
What is Broadcast-Style and why should you care about it? If quality is a priority, then you need production support that is not only experienced, but proficient with the execution of professional broadcast production standards. Different types of online meetings and events require different types of collaboration and communication. What’s the best and most effective method for your event? We provide you with options and the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Advanced Security

Delivered via Highly Secure, North American Based Webcasting Platform
Security and privacy is of the highest priority for our clients with roots in North American providing an added layer of comfort.

White Glove Service

White-Glove Service Every Step of the Way
We know what you’re thinking. White-Glove means additional cost. No, not for our clients. White-Glove is our everyday standard so we consistently deliver extraordinary service - always.

Portable Studio

Portable Studio & Control Room
We are flexible and adaptable. Use our location or we’ll come to you. Either way, you decide what fits your event.

Global Service

National & Global service
We’re based in Michigan, but we frequently provide services throughout the United States and around the world. With traveling teams and partner services, there’s yet to be a location we couldn’t conquer.

The Engineering & Operation

The backbone of our solution is a private, highly secure, North American-based webcasting platform that allows your team to communicate privately over a stable, high-speed, high-quality internet connection. Best of all - it’s mobile and affordable. We’ll bring it to you or you can come to us.

Either way, we’ve always got your back.

The Studio

Our newly created studio space is state of the art, supplying all the amenities & supplies you would expect from a modern facility. Catering provided upon request.
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Creative Design & Custom Environments

We work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create professional videos for your event to use any way you wish.

The Technology & Experienced Crew

We have the Video System, Audio System, Lighting, Encoding Software, User Interface, and Systems Integrations capability to deliver a remarkable live-broadcast event. Customized every time to meet your specific needs and deliver on task, on time, and on budget!

Our Team

Our crew has decades of experience managing live shows – from corporate events and live sports to galas and rock & roll! Our Video Engineers, Audio Engineers, Lighting Engineers, Producers, Editors, and Program Managers are on-site during your event and dedicated to your success.

Live Streaming

High-Quality Audio & Video
Live & On-Demand

Production Capabilities

Managed Show Flow
PowerPoint Presentation &
On-Demand Video Integration
Speaker Support and Coaching

Video Conferencing

Web-Based, Real-Time 2-way Communications
User Interface

Live Event Technology

HD Audio
Real-Time Editing Multi-Feed Mixing
A Virtual Meeting Background

Effective live event web-casting requires more than technology.

Some companies will have you think that executing an effective live-streaming event is simply about technology.  At Show Ready LIVE! we know it’s about more than technology; it’s about people.
The people you are trying to connect with.  The people you choose to partner with to create and deliver your message.  And the people who opera e the cameras, the software, and the AV equipment.

Experience matters.

It matters for you, your team, and your guests. Our Show Directors and Engineers collaborate with you, bringing your event together in a way that creates the right energy, sets the right mood, and drives the right behavior.

Details matter.

Our Show Ready LIVE! Team plans every detail of your event, providing you with a detailed show flow that describes every detail of how your Live Virtual Webcast will be executed; from transitions to music lead-ins, to visual cues.

We've got your back.

Are you ready for your remarkable, highly secure, live web-casting event?

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