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Our Proven Formula for Creating Remarkable Live Events Works

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Delivering a remarkable live event

takes more than simply securing the

right venue, providing the right food

and refreshments and binging in the

right fixtures and furnishings. It takes

thought. Thinking about how to engage all of your audiences’ senses from the moment they enter the venue is crucial, and often forgotten.

Our approach to creating remarkable live events has been proven across the industry, across disciplines, and across the Globe. Now, we're sharing it with you to help ensure your next live event is REMARKABLE!

Five Steps to Delivering a Remarkable Event

Step 1: Discover Your Purpose – Find the right partner that can guide your

through the discovery process including listening to and understanding your

event goals, your engagement ideas and the key messages you want to

communicate so that the essence and purpose of your event is clearly


Step 2: Define the Mood – Be intentional and have a plan to engage all the senses.

When your plan to engage all the senses is well executed it not only establishes the appropriate mood for your event, it becomes memorable.

Step 3: Imagine the Environment – Creating an environment by planning the

right images, sounds, smells, and textures to bring your event space to life.

Doing this right not only will completely engage your audience it will have a

lasting impact that defines your culture – guaranteed.

Step 4: Deliver the Design – Get your plan down on paper and define every

detail from choosing the right venue to ensuring the right technologies are

used, to bringing in the right fixtures and furnishing. Here details matter!

Step 5: Executing to Perfection – Choose the right partners. Partners that

have your back and do it right, no matter what. Partners that have seasoned

engineers with proven live event experience that are dedicated to your event.

With the right team in place your event will exceed expectations and be


Show Ready has Hands-on Owners

Who Always Got Your Back

We follow a unique process that is designed to understand your purpose, your

intention, and the importance of your message. We thrive when given the

opportunity to bring venues to life by engaging the senses, setting the mood,

and using creative event design to cultivate connections & inspire collaboration.

Our clients choose us because our hands-on owners care about you and

your success. They, and the entire Show Ready team are committed to doing

it right, no matter what.

Let us prove it to you. Sign up for your free no obligation 3D Layout and Design Consultation and we’ll prove to you that we can save you money, and deliver a remarkable experience for you guests.

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